Rabu, 03 April 2013

Contoh soal ujian nasional recount text

I had a great experience last Saturday, I had never imagined that I wauld have involved in such a great moment. It started when a sperm whale was washed ashore is Pakis Jaya beach, Karawang, West Java On Last Wednesday. The 12-meter whale was in stuck in the swallow water. A lot of people from my kampoong and nearby areas came to see the beached whale. My friends and I came, too.
On Thursday, rescuers from Jakarta Animal Aid Network, navy divers and many voluenters tried to lead the whael to the sea. However, due to many boats packed with spectator on the sea which bloked its way. The whale failed return tand to the open sea and was washed back to the beach. By then the number of the spectator increased. Some of them even climbed on the whael’s back and posed and picture causing some scratches and bruisses on its delicate skin. I felt pity to that poor animal.
On Saturday, again the rescuers tried to save this 2 tone creatur this time, they used 10 boats to pull the whale. I was lucky because my father who was one of the volunteers allowed me to take part in the operation . together with other volunteers, I pushed the wale to the deeper sea, late on that day. It refloated and spouted water from head before swimming to the ocean.

1.      What is the text about?
A.    A big sperm whale
B.     Rescuing a beached whale
C.     A beatiful beach in Karawang
D.    Saving whales from ilegal

2.      Why did the first attempt of the rescuers fail to load the whale to the open sea?
A.    Many poeple were on its back
B.     The number of the rescuers was very limited
C.     The water was too swallow for the whale to swim
D.    Many boats were blocking its way to return to the sea

3.      “…and spouted water from its head…”
The underline word means….
A.    to absorb water from the ocean
B.     to breathe using gills on the head
C.     to scare people away using high speed water
D.    to discharge air and water through a blowhole

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